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Monday, 23 November 2015


The Effects of Changing Roles and Responsibilities for Men and Women

Identification Crisis

We as individuals gain our personal identity from roles defined by society for us, as well as the persons around us within our social circles. When a male is brought up in a family where his father was the head of the household, then he is most likely to pattern his father's role and take the same approach. This kind of outlook on a male's role works mainly in a patriarchal society, and may create a problem with other social construct. When a female is brought up on being domesticated, then she will be most inclined to take the responsibility of being homemaker as well as the main agent for socialization for her children, however this might pose a problem for females who desire to be independent of a man. This may affect a female's role based on the fact that she will now have to balance being a good and effective mother and working for an income.


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