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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Effective Parenting

Effective parents are persons who posses particular knowledge and skills to develop certain values and attitudes within their children.

Showing Love and Warmth

It is imperative that love and warmth are given to children by their parents, as they are vulnerable and are easily led astray. Should children feel as though they are being neglected or unwanted, this may have a negative long lasting effect on that child.

Socializing Skills

Norms, Mores and Values are learnt by children from their parents, therefore it is important for parents to act as role models for their children, displaying the most acceptable behaviour. This is very important as parents are the primary socializing agents within society.

Problem-solving Skills

Problem-solving skills should be one of the many skills which are passed on to children from their parents, hence the reason why children need  good and effective parents as role models. Many childhood problems tend to affect children when they become adults, this has to do with lack of training by parents based on the fact that children are unable to cope with disappointments, cruelty or unfairness being meted out to them.



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