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Friday, 20 November 2015


Changing family Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities are amended as individuals responds to changes.
The traditional roles and responsibilities of males and females are slowly but surely changing,
it is no longer acceptable to view women as mediocre within the household, as the roles are now changing, in fact the roles and responsibilities of women are now shared by men. This is because the female now as the ability to do the same job as the male, therefore decision making are also shared.

Factors Contributing to Family Changing Roles

Over the years women have been subordinate to their male counterparts, and are mainly used as a socializing agent for children. Children also learn traditionally from their mothers (especially female) how to be domesticated.

There are factors that have contributed largely to these role changes, these are:

* Education - Females now has access to education, which enables them to be equipped for a job.

*Employment Opportunities - They can now have a wider scope of jobs to choose from therefore it is not only limited to                                               males, females now has access to the jobs as males.

*Technology - This makes it easier for women to do jobs, even jobs that were required to be done by                                                   males because they are physically stronger. 

*Leisure Activities - Women now has more time to enjoy leisure activities and therefore spend less                                                                time at home.



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