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Saturday, 6 February 2016


Human Trafficking & Substance Abuse

Human Trafficking is the movement of persons from their place of residence to a place where they are sexually,verbally and physically abused, and also forced against their will to work.

Trafficking in humans are one of the largest illegal industry within the world apart from drugs.
Children are more at risk than anyone else, as they are more susceptible to these kinds of abuse, mainly because of:

* Poverty

* Physical abuse

* Sexual abuse

* Drug abuse

* Criminal gangs

*Alcohol Addiction

Substance Abuse is the constant use of a drug in large quantity, which leads to serious disorders that may cause harm to the body, abuse of others or themselves.
These type of drugs are those that alter the physical or mental state of a person. 

Though substances like tobacco and alcohol are legal, you may find that they have serious implications on the persons health. The tobacco can cause cancer of the throat or lungs as well as risk of heart disease. Alcohol can be addictive to the detriment of the person's health, this may cause:

* Increased risk of cancer

* Depression

* Damaged liver and pancreas

* Insomnia

* Poor judgment 

* Alcohol poisoning 


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